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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

...and the Mystery of the Totally Bleeping Empty Soundstage

There are times when my cover interferes with my true purpose. Lately, I have been going undercover on set and the different hours and work have proved very difficult for good snooping. It should be ideal -- a warehouse with seventy-five people running around, most of whom are not exactly sure what each person does -- what could be better? Alas, my cover gig has me wandering around behind one or two people and virtually tied to their sides. It doesn't leave me very much time for snooping, or anything else, really.

And I write this as one particularly foggy detective. I arrived on set for another day of feigning joy at my cover only to find that the call time had been pushed back to a decent hour and I had not been notified of such. I could have been in my sweet, cozy bed instead of standing in an empty warehouse with someone else's cappuccino in my hand at 6:50 a.m. Well, at least it gives me time to poke around without any criminals trying to knock a set down onto me. Note to self: look into this miscommunication further. Perhaps production office is on to me and is trying to sabotage my investigation?

At any rate, I write this as a very tired and soul-crushed investigator. I think it's time to get selfish. I need to find a way to protect my time better and actually have some time to work on solving these mysteries. That will probably mean telling George and Bess no brunch and no seeing them for a while, which is too bad since I would vastly prefer seeing them to posing as a hapless assistant on a tv show. They also make the work of posing as aforementioned hapless assistant much more bearable. Still...to solve this crime I may have to go hide in a bunker and not see anyone for quite some time.


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