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Thursday, February 01, 2007

....and the Warm Welcome to Hollywood

In my undercover role, I attended a production meeting earlier today. I wanted to use the opportunity to suss out several dubious characters. Neither of my possible suspects did anything to dampen my suspicions when in the middle of the meeting, during a disagreement on how *exactly* a body could be killed with a blunt object, the first called his sweet unsuspecting assistant into the room, and proceeded to grab the assistant from behind in a tight grip and bludgeon him with an empty Kleenex box.

The other man broke in. "No, no, no!" he cried. I relaxed for a moment, until --

"HERE'S how he did it!" he instructed, grabbing the box from the first man. Then he seized the assistant, turned him away from his body and started beating him with the box on a different part of his back. "See? Sharp blows," he explained. He released the assistant and they continued their discussion.

The assistant watched them both for a moment.

"Was...there...anything else you wanted?" he asked meekly after a minute or so.

They both glanced up at him, surprised to see him still standing there.

"No, we're good. We'll call you if we need you again."


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