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Thursday, October 05, 2006

....and the Case of the Idiotic Illustration

Okay, so last week was pretty rough, but things here are slowly getting better. The situation -- and certain people specifically -- may not be as bad as I once thought they were. So I can relax and stop being Sandra Bernhard, but I also want to use this experience to remind me not to relax completely. I can't speak my mind as freely as I do to my friends or family. I can keep my opinions to myself.
Basically, I simply need keep my big mouth shut.

Discretion is a hard thing to learn. I'm not being facetious. Keeping a constant flow of information from one office to approximately fifteen different parties is my basic job description, but at any point in time, all those people need different versions of the information, but still enough of the basic information to be on the same page. Knowing who should know what and who doesn't need to know what is a difficult thing to stay on top of.


Ironically, my boss just walked up behind me and saw me writing this. Sigh. So, my failure re: the subject of paragraph two may have just reversed the subject of paragraph one.

I should go.


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