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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

...and the Pattern in the Puzzle

I am flummoxed at the moment. A new mystery has presented itself, and I have tried to attack the puzzle with vigor and derring-do, yet I remain confused. I’ve uncovered the connections; the clues lie before me. They must mean something, but what?? I haven’t quite pieced it together. If only someone would try to drive my sporty roadster off the road, I could get a look at the thug and use his identity as a clue!

I cannot go into detail, because the case is Top Secret. But I can use a similar experience to illustrate my situation.

I knew of a man at Emerson. I didn’t know him personally, but I had seen him around when I visited Ned, my boyfriend. Ned, similarly, knew of him but did not actually know him, since he wasn't an Omega Chi Epsilon brother. I will call this man Sergei.

Sergei and I never officially met, but the universe had a way of inserting him into my life. I once walked in on him having sex in a study carrel Ned had reserved. Another time he tried to argue a case against my father, Carson, and lost. But I remember him most vividly from the night he ran a red light and slammed his pizza delivery truck into my roadster in the middle of the intersection. Burt Eddleton, George, Ned and I were all in the car. I was merely shaken up, but Ned and George got bruises and scratches, and Burt had a huge concussion. His head swelled up like a melon and he developed amnesia and memory loss! Waiting for the ambulance that night, I thought of finally introducing myself to Sergei, but I was so angry at him for running the red light and concussing my friends that I decided against it. I never was formally introduced to him.

More recently I was in Prague on a case. One night I decided to take a break from the case and try and have some fun. I found myself at a rave taking place on a mysterious houseboat. There I was introduced to another man; I’ll call him Bob. My Czech friend went to find me an alcoholic beverage, leaving me alone with Bob. I began to talk to Bob. He told me he was engaged and very happy. I said “Congratulations, that’s wonderful.” He then lunged for me and started kissing me. In the end, this did not relate to the case.

Just lately I have learn that Sergei and Bob are working in a bookstore together. More curiously, the owner of the bookstore once lived next door to Burt Eddleton.
It seems like that should mean something. Something besides the fact that I should never walk into that bookstore. But what is the connection exactly? Surely it means something, portends something. What can it all mean??


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