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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

DD-Approved Detective Gear

My roadster, frankly, has seen better days. My father hasn't seen fit to buy me a new one in ages, not that I blame him. A girl should be able to make a car last a long time, and I would, if I weren't always getting into car chases, or finding myself followed by a mysterious dark sedan, or being run off the road, or stopping at the sight of some intrigue along the side of the road. My car simply wears out faster than the cars of my non-detecting peers.

So when my new employer gave me the keys to his new sedan and asked me to deliver a package, I took them happily. As I opened the trunk of the car to deposit the package, I noticed something intruiging. The car was equipped with an anti-trap device! There is a handle one can pull from the inside of the trunk if one happens to find onself locked inside. I believe these are typically included as basically a child safety device, in case a particularly rambunctious child should lock herself inside the trunk. But not on the Ford Limited Five Hundred. No, they pretty much include it because they expect you to be kidnapped by mobsters. The icon on the anti-trap mechanism actually shows a little stick figure man jumping out of the trunk and then a dotted little path and arrow indicating "run away!"

It's the running away directive that makes it genius.

And plucky detective-approved. I love a car that assumes its driver lives such an exciting life that she will at some point find herself locked in the trunk of her own car.


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