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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

DD-Approved Detective Gear, Part 2

I have finally found the perfect gift for the fashionable girl detective.

Yes, Hannukah and Christmas are long gone, but I am going to once again make a push for people to begin celebrating the Feast of the Epiphany (Jan 6). Doing so has untold advantages -- gift givers have extra time to shop for gifts; everyone gets a presenty lift just as the post-holiday blues begin to set in; the whole "12 Days of Christmas" thing is illuminated nicely with a starting and ending date; and presents are sensibly exchanged on a holiday which celebrates gift-giving rather than one commemorating the harsh consequences of poor travel planning, namely, labor in a barn. (Incidentally, had I been Mary in that scenario, my child would have grown up without a birthday, for the entire event would have been filed under That Which We Shall Not Speak Of Again, Much Less Commemorate Annually, JOSEPH.) Yes, I am convinced that this is the year public sentiment will finally embrace Epiphany celebrations.

I digress. Back to my point:

Pretty, right? Even better -- it's a magnifying glass!! How fantastic is that?! At last, my days of constantly carrying an unwieldy and oversized magnifying glass with me wherever I go (see right) are through!


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