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Thursday, July 17, 2008

...and the Linguistically Limited Lady

My lovely older Armenian neighbor comes over to chat sometimes when we both are outside. She likes to talk with me to practice her English, and she's so sweet. She always waters my plants when I forget, which is every day, and loves my cat, who always bolts straight to her as though she is his rightful owner and I am just keeping him held hostage, apart from his one true love.

(I was feeling really awful about how much more he loved her than me until she explained to me that she always gives him huge amounts of turkey and sandwich meats to entice him. Well no wonder he loves you so much, lady.)

Her English is much better than she thinks it is; she's much too hard on herself about it. That said, her halting English does sometimes result in rather stark haiku. Like this grim little gem;

"I remember last summer. You stay inside. Your plants all die."



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