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Monday, July 14, 2008

...and the Quarterback Quagmire

I am resurfacing after a year because I am overcome with so many emotions right now. Nausea and heartbreak primarily.

This can't be happening, can it? I think there's blame on both sides, or maybe it all cancels out and there's no need to blame. Just a mess. But I can't bear the thought of seeing Brett Favre in anything other than a green and gold #4. Seeing him run out onto a new home field - not Lambeau? It can't be. Nooo!

It's like watching your parents get divorced when you thought they always got along. It's awful.

It also really raises that Madden curse to a whole new level. Stupid game.

I, for one, am still Parent-Trap-hoping against hope that they can work it out. Is that all it would take, Brett? Ted? Some hijinks wherein I lure you both to a candlelight dinner, and then seal the deal with an adorable rendition of "Let's Get Together", and you both realize that you DO think I'm adorable and that you have to work it out, for me, and besides, you're still in love? Because I will totally do that.

Ah the Parent Trap. Speaking of heartbreaking. Little Lilo in that movie...so hard to watch it and see how cute and charming she was and know how different everything would be in under a decade. But she's looking great and happy these days, isn't she? Her trip to the Isle of Lesbos appears to be just what she needed. And of course the leggings.

But if coming to terms with all leggings, all the time is the price we must pay for a happy, well-adjusted Linds, well...


Yeah, I'll pay it. Reluctantly, but I will.

Do you think she'd be interested in helping with the Brett-and-Ted get-together shenanigans? Maybe I should give her a call.


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