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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some Mysteries Can't Be Solved

I was going to write to you all today about how my undercover work was coming to an end today, but my gig has been extended for a terribly sad reason -- a coworker lost a relative in the Virginia Tech shooting, and so I'm covering her desk until she returns.

It's so terribly, terribly sad. I generally try to avoid the media frenzies surrounding events like this -- it seems to devolve quickly into a litany of obvious and insipid newscaster reactions, a kind of emotional porn. The tragedy of lives ended far too early, of the young man's mentally disturbed state and its far-reaching consequences, of the attempts to help that were rebuffed, and of the anguish of this man's family, as well as the families of all the victims is just overwhelming.

Some things won't ever be fully understood.


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