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Monday, November 10, 2008

...and the Los Angeles-Linked Loss of Libido: Exhibit #423

A friend recently dropped her latest romantic interest. She has a kind heart, but even she could not put up with him.

He didn't believe in money, construct of The Man that it is, so he only brought things into his apartment which were found or given to him.

Which meant that she was dating....a beggar.
Who didn't have to be begging.
And who wanted to spend a lot of time at her place.
Where there was a nice warm bed and groceries. And furniture that wasn't driftwood.

Any sensible person would have laughed uproariously and told him, "J-O-B. Look into one."

(To which he would have demurred, preferring to "concentrate on his yoga". And teaching yoga was out, since that would sully his religion with cold, dirty money.)

And still he gets laid, because girls in LA think he is deep, instead of catastrophically lacking in testosterone, common sense, and shame.

Oh man, if Ned had ever tried to pull this shit...


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