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Thursday, March 09, 2006

People Are Awesome, Pt 2

So if all the crazies from the tort cases weren't enough to convince me that people are awesome, recent news features three more examples.

Exhibit A:
Andrew Fastow of Enron didn't just cook the books. He eventually cut a deal with the prosecution to testify against Skilling, but before he cut the deal, he played hardball for awhile. Prosecutors looked at his tax returns, found a bunch of cheating on them, and planned to use this against him. He told them his wife had filed the returns. Prosecutors, still playing hardball, told them they'd prosecute her and send her to jail. He said fine. They did, and she did. She was in jail for A YEAR before Fastow switched his story and admitted that he'd done the taxes and had let her take the fall. I can only hope someone in prison is assisting her with her divorce proceedings.

from my old city of Chicago, Exhibit B:
Sister Claudette Marie Muhammed of the Nation of Islam was serving on a hate crime and anti-discrimination task force. She invited her fellow commissioners to hear Farrakhan speak at the Nation of Islam's Saviour's Day. In his remarks, Farrakhan accused "filthy Jews" and "wicked Jews" of promoting lesbianism and homosexuality through Hollywood, which of course they control. He also warned of the Zionists who were manipulating the government. She refused to distance herself from Farrakhan and his remarks, leading to what I can only imagine were some rather tense meetings concerning hate crime legislation. Five members of the commission have quit so far. Her response: she is the victim here. The members who quit? "They need to come back or shut up," her chief of staff said. "And leave me alone," she added.

The really awesome part of this is that the governor who appointed the commission's members, Rod Blagojevich, had no idea that he'd appointed someone from the Nation of Islam to the commission. Sister Claudette Marie Muhammed is Farrakhan's chief of protocol and national director of community outreach for the Nation of Islam. I can't imagine it took a lot of vetting to find that out. On the other hand...he didn't realize the Daily Show wasn't a real news show.

and finally, Exhibit C:
Christophe Fauviau is the overzealous tennis dad who poisoned his children's tennis match opponents. HE POISONED A BUNCH OF CHILDREN SO HIS KIDS COULD WIN TENNIS MATCHES. He slipped the anti-anxiety drug Temesta into the water bottles of players scheduled to compete against his kids. TWENTY-SEVEN TIMES!! These incidents resulted in collapse and hospitalization in several cases, including that of an 11-year-old girl. Faviau's tampering eventually led to the death of a player. One of his son's opponents drove home from the match, fell asleep at the wheel, crashed his car and died. (Drowsiness is a side effect of Temesta, which was found in the man's system.)

Wow. People, huh?


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